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Exhibition Kunsthaus Glarus

Network with 8 computers, generating sound and visuals based on touchscreen and camera events. The visuals were available online.


  • Kunsthaus Glarus

Involved technologies

  • C++/Qt4
  • OpenCV
  • OSC
  • Pure Data
  • Native Instruments Reaktor
  • PHP5
  • Shell Script

Project duration

  • August 2012 – January 2013

Working hours

  • >500


Migration of NUTRICALC®

Migrating offline VB/Access 1.0 application to online PHP5/MySQL webapplication.

Based on the answers of 50 questions regarding eating habits a written and graphical report in PDF format is generated and sent be E-Mail to client.

Client: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ernährung, Bern

Involved technologies:

  • PHP5 (including self written framework4)
  • MySQL
  • PDF


  • Creating webinterface for exiting complex structure
  • Proper dynamic layout in PDF
  • Multilingual

Project duration

  • April-August 2007

Working hours

  • ~100


Backend for

Implementation of the backend for, given a fancy webdesign in html4 and the content of the former website.

Involved technologies:

  • PHP5 (incl. self written framework4)
  • MySQL
  • html4 (incl. javascript, css)
  • RSS


  • Importing / cleaning old content to fit into the new layout
  • Importing / Parsing events from other sites
  • Scaling of content (text, images) to fit into the layout

Project duration

  • June – October 2007

Working hours

  • ~450
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