access sound server

The sound server has the adress and is reachable within the VMK Network or trough vpn from remote.

Copy sound files to the server

This is done on the command line using the secure copy command scp. This will copy any file from your local harddisk into the home directory of the user vmk on the sound server:

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Type exactly this, except instead of /path/to/your/soundfile.wav you type the real path of your desired soundfile. It can be in any format like waf,aif,flac,mp3,ogg. You can easily get the path by drag’n’droppin the file from the finder into the terminal:
    scp /path/to/your/soundfile.wav vmk@

Play sound file on the server

To play the soundfile you first have to access the server in a secure shell using the ssh command. Secure shell is an encrypted connection protocoll to access remote server command lines.

Once on the server you can play any soundfile using the mplayer command. The jack output option is required. (Jack is a free sound routing server software).

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Open secure shell (the vmk password will be asked):
    ssh vmk@
  3. Type mplayer command:
    mplayer -ao jack soundfile.wav

Routing audio outputs


Playing pd patches over the network

To run pd (puredata) patches on the sound server, access the gui using vnc. OSX-Tool:

Here ist the current initial patch: Initial pd patch (delay.pd)


Pic 1: View from inside

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