Papyrus – Model driven development tool

A tool that deals with UML/MARTE is papyrus. This is available as eclipse plugin. It was not straigtforward though, to install it on my amd64/linux. I was halfway successful trough this package: Halfway, because this package seems not to be identical to the one used in the tutorial:  


I was looking for real-time modeling and found the MARTE specs. I have the impression, this is intended to design systems with higher complexity as my framework. However, could be interesting to look into. Specs: Tutorial:  

Webgl tutorials and examples cool examples, benchmarking by fps. good tutorial Conclusion: webgl is based on opengl es 2.0. webgl does not yet really work on mobile devices, neither on safari nor chrome. exception is firefox for android. webgl does work though on desktop chrome and firefox, marked as experimental.